St. Peter’s Rosedale Wardens and Vestry

The Vestry is the ?Board of Directors? for the parish corporation and is subject to the Diocesan and National Church Canons of the Episcopal Church. Members of the Vestry are agents and legal representatives of the parish who are elected by the congregation at the Annual General Meeting to manage corporate and financial matters as well as the parish property.

Vestry Members

St Peter?s Vestry consists of 12 members, including the Rector, who is the Presiding Officer, a Senior and Junior Warden. The Treasurer, though not a Vestry member, plays an important role in the managing of the financial affairs of the parish and reviews the financial statements with the Vestry at the regular monthly meeting that is scheduled on the third Sunday of each month.

Below is an introduction to our vestry members:

The Rev. Steve L. Foster, Rector

Father Foster

Born and raised in St. Thomas, Barbados, Father Steve Foster's spiritual journey began at the tender age of 8 with his involvement in the youth group and other church missions.

In pursuit of his spiritual calling he attended The General Theological Seminary in NYC in 2001 and was ordained a Priest in December 2004.

After graduating from the Seminary, his first assignment was as a curate for Father P. Rawlins at the St. Georges Church in Hempstead, Long Island. While there, he was afforded the opportunity to display his creativity in ministry.

In 2006, Father Foster became the Priest-in-Charge at St. Boniface church in Lindenhurst, Long Island, a position he held for 6 years and eight months. One of the high points of this ministry was his pastoral interaction with the AA group who regularly held meetings at the premises.

He later sought to broaden his ministry by responding to a vacancy for a Rector at the St Peter?s Episcopal Church in Rosedale, Queens, in 2013. On June 28th 2014, he was instituted as its Sixth Rector.

Father Foster's vision for St. Peter?s is to become a ?spring like? community, who nourishes, feeds and engages people. A place where all people feel welcomed, appreciated and loved. It is also his intention for St. Peters to expand beyond its physical boundaries to not only be known as the church in Rosedale, but the church of Rosedale.

Pearson Griffith, Senior Warden (Class of 2018)

Pearson Griffith

Pearson Griffith is a lifelong member of Anglican/Episcopal Church. He attended St. Andrew?s Parish Church, Barbados for many years where he was active in the Sunday school and the Anglican Young People?s Association (AYPA.)

In 1982, Pearson immigrated to the United States to join his family in Brooklyn. He joined St. Peter?s in 1994 when he and his family relocated from Brooklyn, NY. At first, Pearson attended 8:00am Mass because of his wife?s early morning work schedule. He eventually switched to 10:00am worship so his children, Daren and Danielle, could participate in Sunday school and youth group activities. Pearson was elected to the Vestry in 2006 and was also appointed Parish Treasurer in which capacity he served until 2008. In 2007, Pearson was nominated and elected Junior Warden and in 2008 he became the Senior Warden. Over the last ten years, Pearson has actively participated in the life, worship and governance of St. Peter?s by using the gifts God has given him. He is also a member of the Choir and Men?s Guild.

In his professional life, Pearson is a Supervising Insurance Examiner with the NYS Department of Financial Services, and is also a Certified Public Accountant, licensed in Maryland. On a lighter note, Pearson has been an avid Tenpin Bowler in the Surrey Sports Club Sunday evening Bowling League since 1990. During the 1999/2000 season, he bowled within one strike of a perfect game when he rolled eleven consecutive strikes, after an initial 8/10 split frame.

Phyllis Harris-Williams, Junior Warden (Class of 2017)

Phyllis Harris-Williams

Phyllis E. Harris-Williams comes from a family with a long history in the Anglican/Episcopal faith throughout the West Indies and the United States. She joined St. Peter?s Episcopal Church in 1984 and found the parishioners to be warm and caring, much like in the West Indies.

Phyllis became active in many of parish organizations as both a member and leader, including as Treasurer, President, and Trip Coordinator for the Daughters of St. Peter, the Coordinator for the 2015-2015 Concert Series, and teacher for Sunday School. She also has served on the Pastoral Care Committee, the Usher?s and St. Luke?s Guilds and Vestry for multiple terms. She currently participates in the Bible Study and Bereavement Groups and is Junior Warden, a position to which she was elected in 2016.

Phyllis manages The Child and Adult Care Food Program, a federal reimbursement program for Daycare centers, through the New York State Department of Health in the Metropolitan Region. Phyllis received the highest leadership award from Governor George Pataki for service to the People of New York.

Dr. H. Wayne Campbell, Vestry Member (Class of 2019)

H. Wayne Campbell

H. Wayne Campbell has been a member of St. Peter's for 25 years. He is active in several ministries, including: The Men's Guild, Choir, Lay Eucharistic Ministry, Lay Reader, and the Vestry. Wayne joined the Vestry in 1998, when he was elected to complete an unexpired term. While it is no secret that Wayne?s participation in several of these ministries resulted from fellow parishioners recognizing his distinctive speaking and singing voice, he has, over the years, been humbled, amused, and astonished at being compared to the voice of God by many children and other suspects, such as Barry White, Isaac Hayes, James Earl Jones, and Geoffrey Holder (the Kola nut man).

Monica Carrington, Vestry Member (Class of 2017)

Monica Carrington

Monica Carrington, husband Edward (deceased) and son Darrell relocated from Brooklyn to Laurelton NY in 1976. She became an active member of St Peter?s, attending the 8am service for over 30 years. During those years Monica supported her son, Darrell and daughter, Desiree as they participated in Sunday school, Junior choir, Acolyte, and Youth Group. As a grandmother, she now attends 10:00 am service with her grandson, Zechariah. She is a member of the Pastoral Care Committee, and is active with The Episcopal Ministries. In January 2016, Monica was elected to the vestry and accepted with honor to serve in this capacity. Professionally, she is a Social Worker with over 20 years? experience. Monica?s passion is working with parents and caretakers of children born premature, low birth weight, developmental delays and various other diagnoses. She assists with obtaining Intervention services and entitlements. She also enjoys providing therapeutic services and advocating for adults with disabilities and long term illnesses. Monica is also actively involved in the community: as Founder and President of ?The Promise?, a community-based volunteer organization of parents, children and young adults. ?The Promise? serves low income, and less fortunate, talented children and families in Brooklyn. Monica was also honored at the Brooklyn Museum by WIADCA for her dedication to culture in teaching, mentoring, and grooming young leaders. She was honored at Gracie Mansion by Mayor Michael Bloomberg for bringing Carnival to its present greatness in New York and for her 21 years of community service.

Cynthia Craig, Vestry Member (Class of 2018)

Cynthia Craig

Cynthia Craig has been a member of St. Peter?s Church since 1974. She has served as Chairperson of the Fellowship Committee since 1988 and is also a member of the Daughters of St. Peters. Cynthia was first elected to the Vestry in 1992 and was re-elected every three years, thereafter.

Anthea Simpson-Elcock, Vestry Member (Class of 2019)

Anthea Simpson-Elcock

Anthea Simpson-Elcock was elected to the Vestry in 2005. She was appointed Clerk of the Vestry in 2014. As the Clerk, Anthea is responsible for recording the minutes of Vestry Meetings and ensuring that a quorum is present. The Clerk also records the minutes of Annual Parish Meetings. Anthea is the oldest of her parents? five children.

Sandra George, Vestry Member (Class of 2018)

Sandra George

Sandra George has been a proud member of St. Peter?s Church for more than 34 years. She was married and her children were baptized in the church. Sandra is actively involved in several ministries in the parish, including the Daughters, Ushers Guild, and Summer Festival. She has served on the Vestry for about nine years and is looking forward to many more years of service.

Karen Mayne-Lee, Vestry Member (Class of 2018)

Karen Mayne-Lee

Karen Mayne-Lee was confirmed at St, John?s Anglican Church in St. Andrew, Jamaica. Her strong Anglican faith was molded by attending Anglican schools at the primary and secondary levels, where studying religious education and participating in morning and afternoon devotions were part of the school?s curriculum. Karen continued her education after migrating to the United States, and received a BBA in Finance and an MBA in Accounting. She is currently employed in the Financial Control Group at Morgan Stanley. She has been a member of St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Rosedale NY for nearly 20 years. Karen was elected to serve on the Vestry in 2012 and was reelected to serve another term in 2016. She considers the St. Peter family to be part of her extended family and is determined to work with her fellow vestry members and Rector in carrying out its mission of becoming a lighthouse of faith in the community.

Norman Newman, Vestry Member (Class of 2017)

Norman Newman

Norman Newman has been a member of St. Peter?s Church since 1983. He is a Founding member of the Men?s Guild. He is also a member of the Ushers? Guild, Bible Study group, and the Property and Pastoral Care Committees. Norman also serves on the Fundraising Committee that sponsors the Mother?s Day Luncheon, as well as on the Scholarship and Fall Dinner Dances. Norman was first elected to the Vestry in 2006 and is a member of the Class of 2017.

Mr. Newman is also active as a member of the Independent United Order of Mechanics Western Hemisphere, Inc. which he joined in 1960. Norman currently serves on the Executive Committee at its world headquarters in Brooklyn, NY.

Yvonne Robinson, Vestry Member (Class of 2017)

Yvonne Robinson

Upon migrating to the United States, Yvonne visited several churches over a couple of years in search of a church home. In 1994, her family moved to Queens and she visited St. Peter?s. The people of St. Peter?s were very warm and she felt very much at home from her first visit. Thus, St. Peter?s became her new church home in 1995.

Over the years the bond with Yvonne?s St. Peter?s family has grown and the members have truly become her second family. She became involved with the Sunday school in 2004 and currently teaches grades 7 and 8. Yvonne also serves as secretary of the Pastoral Care Committee, and participates in monthly visits to the sick and shut-ins of the parish as a member of the Pastoral Care Ministry. She serves as Treasurer for the Daughters of St. Peter?s and she works with her Sisters in Christ in planning events for the Parish. Being able to share her time and talent in the ministries at St. Peter?s has brought her such fulfillment that she continues to be a part of the St. Peter?s family.

Yvonne?s faith in our Lord and Savior has grown and she attributes that growth to serving at St. Peter?s through worship, various ministries and uplifting sermons. Yvonne was first elected to the vestry in 2014 and she prays that she can continue to use her time and talent to improve the visibility of St. Peter?s in the Rosedale and surrounding communities to fulfill its mission to be a lighthouse of Faith, Hope and God?s Love in the community.

When not engaged in service at St. Peter?s, Yvonne is a CPA working as a Senior Tax Manager at the public accounting Firm, KPMG, LLP. In her spare time she enjoys attending yoga classes with her niece.

Andrew Trotman, Vestry Member (Class of 2019)

Andrew Trotman

Andrew Trotman is a 3rd year Vestry member and longtime parishioner of St. Peter's Church. He began worshiping at St. Peter's at the tender age of four, sitting in the pews almost every Sunday with his mother and sister until it was time to join the Sunday school in the following year.

Andrew observed many faithful men and women over the years at St. Peter's pour their hearts, time and dedication in service to lead this parish family with the work of the Vestry. He sees his election as continuing in that tradition to produce meaningful service at St. Peter's.

When he is not at church, Andrew is the biggest NY City sports fan. He is a diehard New York Knicks and New York Giants fan.